Ole Miss coach Lane Kiffin has slimmed down significantly this offseason. He had a competition going with Mizzou head coach Eli Drinkwitz to see who could lose the most weight, and Kiffin was the victor.

But, how much weight did he drop, exactly? In an interview with Chris Low of ESPN, Kiffin revealed that he’d lost 30 pounds.

And, in typical Kiffin fashion, he had a hilarious way to describe the moment he knew he needed to shed a few pounds:

“I saw a picture of me at the bowl game last year and told the players I looked like an anaconda that had swallowed a deer and the deer got stuck in its neck,” Kiffin told ESPN in his best self-deprecating tone.

Kiffin said it’s all about accountability. If he’s not willing to do the work, how can he ask for his players to work hard and eat right?

“That goes for all of us, starting with me,” Kiffin said. “Here I am in postseason meetings back in January telling my offensive linemen and other guys that they needed to eat better, lose weight, get in better shape, and I looked like a whale.”

Watch out for the new-look Kiffin this fall. Based on how quickly he got down the field after throwing his play sheet on this iconic play, his sprinting time should be even faster now that he’s 30 pounds lighter!