After experiencing the new clock rules for himself for the first time, Ole Miss head coach Lane Kiffin didn’t hold back when giving his thoughts on the rules.

The new rules state that the clock will not stop on first downs, besides those that come in the final 2 minutes of the first or second half. The rules were put into place in hopes of speeding up the games, and they seem to be working so far.

When asked about if the new rules affected the scheme at all, Kiffin said it didn’t because the game was so lopsided in Ole Miss’ favor. He did voice his gripes with the new rules, however.

“I just don’t understand it,” Kiffin said during the SEC coaches teleconference Wednesday. “People pay to see, they sit down as a family to watch the game, they pay for tickets to go to a game and we’re going to shorten it. It’s not like it was broke, and we’ve got a lot of problems that need to be fixed in the world around college football and running the clock so a game’s quicker, I don’t get it. I said to the staff, you go to a country concert, you want them to sing 2 less songs? At your favorite concert? No, well why do you want a game to be shorter. They just don’t really show much awareness about what should be getting worked on and fixed around college football in my opinion.”

Kiffin and the Rebels will have another chance to adjust to the new clock rules as they take on Tulane on the road this weekend. Ole Miss is looking for a big win over the Green Wave, who are coming off a huge year that ended with a Cotton Bowl win over USC.