Lane Kiffin savagely trolls Mississippi journalist over report of departure for Auburn

Lane Kiffin reached deep into his bag of Twitter tricks to troll a Mississippi television sports director over a report that he would step down from Ole Miss to take the Auburn head coaching job on Friday after the Egg Bowl.

WCBI-TV sports director Jon Sokoloff on Monday reported that sources had told him that Kiffin would resign on Friday for the Tigers’ job. Kiffin offered a rebuttal just over an hour later

, tweeting “That’s news to me Jon” and “Nice sources”.

Kiffin wasn’t done, though. For reference, here’s Sokoloff’s tweet:

Following his original response, Kiffin followed it up with a priceless troll:

For reference, WLOX, located in Biloxi, Miss.

Many would say that Kiffin would be better served to stay o

ff Twitter and focus on beating Mississippi State on Thursday. No matter who you are, though, you have to admit that his Twitter game remains undefeated in the SEC.

Never change, Lane Kiffin.

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  • Interesting that the reporter was in Starkville. That could give the Ole Miss players one more thing to think about for Thursday night's game, but never discount Kiffin's ability to turn it into bulletin board material.

    • Actually, WCBI is in Columbus, not Starkville. Same coverage area but 2 different cities. Just saying.

  • His troll game is strong, but it will be very funny if he does this then turns around and does head to Auburn lol

    • Though if he doesn't do it Friday the Tweet will be wrong. The original Tweet itself made no sense. Like 75% of what is written on SDS.

      • I'm at a point as an Ole Miss fan where if he goes, he goes. When he was hired we knew he'd win games and then most likely jump ship in a messy way. If he does, I have confidence that Ole Miss has the resources to hire another great coach. My only concern is him raiding our roster and taking guys like Judkins, Dart, etc.

        • If he goes to Auburn, Judkins will go as well. He would be closer to home and with the coach who recruited him.

        • Be prepared for the talent exodus. It's what happened at UT. Just don't let it tank your program for the next decade or so like what happened to us.

        • @1998 it's hard to hire the right coach. Yall never did that part right until Heupel came. Now you just need to keep him for a decade or so and the program is back to prominence, which will be well timed with the playoff changes and conference realignment

    • After losing to Miss. St., Kiffin ought to quit trying to write his "cute comments" on Twitter and get back to coaching Ole Miss. After all he left Tenn, then got fired by USC, before having to go be an OC under Sabin at Alabame in orderf to remake his coaching image before accepting the Ole Miss job (after spending time in Fla). Or else Kiffin might end up f**king things up again and then who will hire him when Ole Miss is forced to fire him??? Oh...maybe Toledo might take a chance and hire Kiffin then...LOL

  • These reporters deserve everything they get. They all have become be first, instead of be correct. I would sooner trust a crack dealer.

  • So Sydney Hunte. Don't know where you are from. But you do work for SDS. And you should know that its the Auburn TIGERS. Not "eagles."

  • "Many would say that Kiffin would be better served to stay off Twitter and focus on beating Mississippi State" Not a soul is saying this except the writer of this story.

    • Honestly the OleMiss fanbase needed something. Even if he is leaving, which I don't think he is, he needed to throw up a little bit of defense. I think offering 9mil+ and raising millions in NIL over 4 weeks is at least deserving of a decent finish to the season...

  • Lane himself is becoming the distraction. This is not funny anymore. I thought the guy had grown up. Tired of hearing all this. What's gonna be funny is when Miss State beats the heck out of Ole Miss because of this clown show.

  • "I guess I have to say it. I'm not going to be the Alabama coach."
    --Nick Saban, December 21, 2006

    • A couple of reasons why he's not the first reporter to suspect it. Ole Miss plays it's last game on Thursday, so either a yay or nay is expected immediately after from Kiffin. It gives Auburn some additional good press on rivalry weekend. There are a lot of recruits waiting to see who Auburn hires. While Lac doesn't expect to be considered for the job, it could create a PR issue if he unexpectedly beats Bama and Auburn hasn't already announced a HC.

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