Lane Kiffin and the Ole Miss Rebels escaped Knoxville with a 31-26 win (and serious injury).

Volunteers fans threw golf balls, bottles and other objects onto the field that caused a delay in the game with 54 seconds remaining in the 4th quarter. Kiffin was hit with a golf ball near the end of the game, and of course, the Ole Miss head coach is keeping it. He even took it with him to his postgame press conference.

Kiffin’s return to Knoxville was highly anticipated, and it was thoroughly entertaining, as the game was back and forth for much of the night. Things turned ugly at the end with Tennessee fans throwing objects onto the field.

Following the game, Kiffin took to social media and released 2 amazing tweets. The first was a picture taken of a Tennessee fan with a sign that says, “Hunt for Loser Lane.”

The second is a hilarious Seinfeld GIF of a golfball.

Kiffin is a national treasure.