Lane Kiffin provided one of the most viral moments of the 2021 college football season thus far on Saturday, infamously cutting his pregame interview with CBS’s Jamie Erdahl short after advising her and viewers to “get your popcorn ready” ahead of Ole Miss’s game against Alabama.

Of course, things didn’t go well for Kiffin and the Rebels as they fell 42-21 to the Crimson Tide in Tuscaloosa. Kiffin, though, has never been afraid to poke fun of himself on social media, and he took to Instagram on Wednesday to do that once more.

He posted an Instagram story with a number of jugs, bags, and even a 22-pack of popcorn that had been sent to him with the caption “Thanks for the gifts!” You can view the photo below:

We somehow don’t see Nick Saban doing something like this. Then again, we don’t see Saban declaring something like “Get your popcorn ready” before a game either.

Kiffin continues to march to the beat of his own drum, and if nothing else, he’s injected a lot of fun into college football.