There’s still a month until Ole Miss takes on LSU in football, and Lane Kiffin may keep on trolling the Tigers until that matchup arrives on Oct. 23.

Before the start of the 2021 season, LSU head coach Ed Orgeron made headlines when he roasted a UCLA fan by calling his shirt “sissy blue.” The Tigers then went on to lose their season opener to the Bruins, 38-27.

Kiffin kept it going by later referring to Ole Miss’ powder blue jerseys as “sissy blue.” He and Orgeron have ties dating back to their time together at USC and Tennessee, so it wasn’t surprising to see Kiffin poke fun at a friend and a fellow SEC head coach.

On Thursday night, Kiffin did it again. Ole Miss’ women’s soccer team defeated LSU, 2-0, and Kiffin used that as an opportunity to get in another troll on Twitter:

Don’t be surprised if Kiffin has more “sissy blue” tweets and comments in the works. And there will surely be more coming in October, before the Rebels host the Tigers for that Week 8 football matchup.

It has the potential to be an exciting game, too. Ole Miss is currently 3-0 and on its bye week, while LSU is 2-1 and looking to beat Mississippi State on the road this Saturday.