Ole Miss has dealt with COVID-19 issues for a while, and this week’s game with Texas A&M was called off because of it. Coach Lane Kiffin offered his thoughts on how the Rebels are doing with the protocols and practice preparation.

Kiffin reported that the Rebels had a full report of negative test results for the first time since the latest outbreak. Kiffin said on the SEC coaches media teleconference that the Rebels have largely shut down, and are only doing Zoom meetings.

Asked about the availability of next week’s LSU game, Kiffin said, “I don’t know that exactly, I think they want to announce things on Monday, of course games have been shut down after that time.”

“Ideally it would be a normal week, be able to go back into this, practice Monday so you can have a normal week,” Kiffin said. “Hoping to practice Thursday and Friday, give them the weekend off and practice again starting Monday.”

Kiffin has a unique perspective on the SEC Championship Game between Alabama and Florida.

“I guess we are on a 12-year anniversary since I did GameDay and picked this game, Urban (Meyer) got mad at me for picking Alabama, I said they have better coaches. I don’t do that stuff anymore,” Kiffin said. “Alabama is so hot right, now, I don’t know if anyone could stop them. It should be a great game.”

Kiffin added that he doesn’t believe this is the best Alabama team under Saban, and noted the opt outs around the league, but said the defenses were much better in the early years under Saban.

Next week’s game will highlight Kiffin’s relationship with Ed Orgeron at LSU.

“I guess, I would probably say work ethic back then (at USC), he was the recruiting coordinator… Ed respected my work and I respected him… when he lost his father, we were there together. It’s a pretty cool relationship,” Kiffin said.

Kiffin was asked about potentially being LSU’s offensive coordinator if Florida Atlantic didn’t hire him.

“I never sat down and said ‘OK,’ because it hadn’t happened yet but that probably would have happened, yeah,” Kiffin said.