Big Ten and Pac-12 football players are in the unfortunate position of having no fall season with only the possibility of a spring season. If they want to play Power 5 football this fall, they better be a graduate student. The NCAA has stated it will not grant immediate eligibility waivers for players transferring out of the Big Ten or Pac-12. Ole Miss coach Lane Kiffin shared that he doesn’t understand the NCAA’s policy.

“I don’t understand it at all,” Kiffin said per Maven’s The Grove Report. “If a kid wants to play football and he’s not allowed to play football at his school and his conference, why can’t he go somewhere else and play? How much sense does that make?”

Over the past few seasons, many coaches cautioned that the transfer portal has the potential to lead to free agency in college football. Kiffin noted that immediate eligibility for B1G and Pac-12 players would have created a pool of free agents for teams in the SEC, ACC and Big 12.

“The issue is they’re not giving guys immediate eligibility,” Kiffin said, per The Grove Report. “At first we thought, if they got shut down, the NCAA would say ‘If your conference and school isn’t going to let you play you can transfer and be eligible somewhere else.’ They’ve come out and said that’s not the case. You’re not going to win a waiver.

“I think you would have seen a lot if that would have happened. You would have seen free agency.”