Lane Kiffin is one of the most aggressive coaches in college football when it comes to going for it on 4th downs.

However, in big games, sometimes the play calls don’t lead to many first downs. That was the case in the Texas Bowl on Wednesday night against Texas Tech.

In the first half, Ole Miss was 1-for-5 on 4th downs. A fake punt failed. Several other attempts failed. The only successful conversion came from the Rebels’ 11-yard line and then Jaxson Dart threw 1 of his 2 first-half interceptions afterward.

As you might expect, Kiffin’s play-calling drew a ton of reaction on Twitter. Here’s some of the reaction on social media:

How many 4th-down tries will we see in the second half? Considering Texas Tech leads 26-7 at the break, we might not see the Ole Miss punter after the break!