It has been widely assumed Ole Miss junior WR Laquon Treadwell would be playing his final game in a Rebels uniform at the Sugar Bowl against Oklahoma State.

After all, he’s projected to be a first-round pick and some analysts have him as high as a Top 10 selection.

Easy decision, right?

Well, according to a report from The Clarion-Ledger’s Daniel Paulling, it may not be as much of a slam-dunk decision as we thought.

During media availability in New Orleans, Treadwell hinted that he had not completely made up his mind about going to the NFL.

Here’s what he said to Paulling:

“If I do get that specific feeling, that gut feeling I should leave, I’ll go with that. But nothing is drawing me away from school, nothing is telling me to come out this year. After the bowl game, I’ll go home and see what I’m feeling, see what my family’s feeling.”

On the surface, that looks like a case of a kid saying all the “right things” as he prepares to play his final game at the college level.

But there is more from the Paulling story:

“A lot of guys next year will be, I feel, more hungry because they have a chance to build their name up and create a pride for themselves. I think this year just motivated the team a lot more and seeing that we’re really a step away from getting to that SEC championship.

“I just think the team will be different. I think it’ll be a better chemistry on the team. It’s a lot of things that would help us win if a lot of us came back.”

It isn’t completely out of the realm of possibility.

He’d hardly be the first “sure” first-round pick to decide he likes college too much to leave it a year early.

Still yet, he did acknowledge the allure of being a first-round pick would be hard to pass up:

“It makes it just as hard not to go. You love the guys that you’re around, you want to take care of your family at the same time. It’s really tough. It’s a really tough decision.”

My guess?

He’s going pro.