Matt Corral is one of the most popular players in recent Ole Miss history, having led the Rebels to their first-ever 10-win regular season in 2021.

That makes his comments on Tuesday at a Carolina Panthers practice all the more eyebrow-raising and confusing.

Per the Charlotte Observer, Corral said he went to Ole Miss because he knew he could play right away instead of going somewhere he’d be challenged to compete for a job:

“I took the easy way out because I felt I could play right away,” he said about his decision to go to Ole Miss. “Knowing what I know now and trusting my instincts and trusting my work ethic, I would have went to a place that would have made me compete.”

Of course, those comments are interesting because Corral was challenged at Ole Miss. He only attempted 22 passes as a freshman in 2018 and shared the starting QB job with John Rhys Plumlee in 2019.

It’s probably fair to say Corral doesn’t regret the way his career ended in Ole Miss, as he seemed to get along well with coach Lane Kiffin and led the Rebels to the Sugar Bowl. Still, Rebel fans will likely want some clarification from their former star quarterback after Tuesday’s comments.