As John Rhys Plumlee has emerged as the key player at quarterback for Ole Miss, one issue on the back burner has been his plans to play baseball. Now that the season is winding down and baseball season is on the horizon, the issue was raised to coach Matt Luke.

“I think there are some concerns with the 20-hour rule with things he can do, but I anticipate him being at spring practice and being able to throw some to the receivers,” Luke said. “We’ll see what that looks like, especially with how he fits into the baseball program. Coach (Mike) Bianco and I will sit down and talk about that. We will have to make some progress in the offseason because he has a unique skillset, and the more we can build off that, it makes us a dangerous offense moving forward.”

The Rebels still play Matt Corral, but it’s evident that Plumlee is the lead QB in a two-quarterback system. He was 9-for-16 passing in the loss against LSU for 123 yards with an interception. He also had 21 carries for 212 yards and four touchdowns. Plumlee’s speed is obviously his best weapon in any sport, but he’s done damage to several SEC teams already this season.

“We haven’t talked to Coach (Mike) Bianco since he (Plumlee) has been the starting quarterback,” Luke said. “We are focused on winning football games, but we will sit down and have a plan to make it work. Kyler Murray was able to do it, and a couple of others were too. It can be done. You just have to have a good plan, and we’ll do a good job with it.”