How eager are college coaches in the state of Mississippi to have the state’s flag changed? Nearly every major college coach in the state is scheduled to meet with lawmakers in the state capital on Thursday to issue their support when it comes to changing the state flag.

This comes after the SEC, the NCAA, C-USA and even Mississippi State running back Kylin Hill all issued their support when it comes to changing the Mississippi state flag, which features a Confederate logo.

During a recent appearance on Mississippi-based radio show “Out of Bounds” hosted by Bo Bounds, Mississippi State AD John Cohen was asked to share his reaction to all the renewed interest when it comes to changing the Mississippi state flag.

In Cohen’s mind, a key issue is the people that will be most affected if the state doesn’t take action and change the flag — the players and coaches that work hard across Mississippi to achieve success on the field.

“The first thing is I’m really disappointed that our kids and our coaches could be held responsible for something that they had nothing to do with,” Cohen said. “That’s issue No. 1. But, issue No. 2, which is a little different than issue No. 1, is that I agree. I think it’s time for change. Our [school] president Mark Keenum has made his voice clear on that… I can’t speak for all the people in the state of Mississippi nor would I.

“But I think it is time for a change. We represent Mississippi State University. There are so many facets of what we do at this university: we recruit personnel, we recruit student-athletes and I think it’s just the time for a change. And even though I don’t want our players and staff to get hurt by this ruling by the NCAA or the SEC — I understand it.”

Here’s the list of scheduled coaches set to meet in Jackson on Thursday, which includes Mike Leach and Lane Kiffin, courtesy of Adam Ganucheau of Mississippi Today:

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