Since this week’s Ole Miss at Texas A&M game has been postponed, the next step is if the game will be made up, and if so, when.

Ole Miss Athletics Director Keith Carter addressed some of those issues during a press conference on Monday.

“I think we’re going to make every effort to make up the game, we’ll see how the dates play out,” Carter said.

He noted that Texas A&M is tentatively scheduled to play Tennessee on Dec. 12, but he added that Dec. 19 has been opened up, and that fans, players and coaches all want to play the game.

“The interesting thing is the last four weeks or so are going to be very, very fluid,” Carter said, via “I think there’s going to be some games that get moved around potentially based on COVID and the thought is, we don’t want to have two teams sitting at home with healthy players, if we can somehow play that game, we want to go ahead and try to do that. Stay tuned.”

Carter even accepted the possibility that a game would be moved up to this week, and he said the remaining opponents, LSU and Mississippi State, would depend on if their opponents had rising COVID-19 numbers. Ole Miss would then either host MSU, or travel to LSU. Though the percentages are small, that’s a real-life example of what the SEC is talking about, Carter said. That decision is due by 8 p.m. tonight.