As the NCAA continues to investigate possible wrongdoings at Ole Miss, the 2016 season is drawing ever closer.

For Ole Miss AD Ross Bjork, keeping the investigation from becoming a distraction is a top priority.

Bjork told the Oxford Citizen that it’s his job to make sure the NCAA case doesn’t affect the on-field success of the Rebels:

“If you’re a college student-athlete and you’re focused on class and your sport, I think you can lock in to that pretty well,” Bjork said in response to the same question. “Our job is to manage this, to provide leadership, to where it’s not a distraction to our coaches and especially our student-athletes. I think they trust our leadership and I’m appreciative of that. It’s our job to make sure that the table is cleared where they can focus on things that are important to them, which is academics and playing at the highest level. I admire that they are locked in like they appear to be, and like they have shown so far. We have to keep that focus moving forward.”

He added that, whatever the outcome, he’s ready for the investigation to end:

“So whenever that is, that’s the hope. That’s what we’re pushing for. Let’s get these things wrapped up so we can get to our hearing and we can have our chance to state our case,” Bjork said. “We’re ready for the conclusion to get here.”

Ole Miss opens the 2016 season on Monday, Sept. 5, against Florida State in Orlando.