How bought in on the Matt Luke era are Ole Miss fans? That remains to be seen but judging from weak attendance numbers in previous seasons and what many are viewing as a lack of faith in Luke, things may not be getting much better for the Rebels in 2019.

That’s a belief shared by Mississippi radio host Bo Bounds, who recently made an appearance on “The Paul Finebaum Show” to discuss the current state of fan “apathy” in the Ole Miss program heading into 2019. If you are unfamiliar with Bounds, he hosts a popular sports talk show out of Jackson, Miss., for ESPN 105.9 FM called “Out of Bounds with Bo Bounds.”

Here is what Bounds had to say about regarding the current state of the Ole Miss program when asked about the topic by Finebaum.

“I think Ole Miss people right now, apathy has set in. They are going to take a big hit with season tickets, which stinks,” Bounds said. “I can get a read on my show as far as the level of excitement — and it’s just not there. Now they are going to win again, Paul. You’ve been covering this league forever, there’s too much pride in 90 percent of the programs in the SEC, at least, and Ole Miss is going to win again. I don’t know when that is, I don’t know when they will throw up an 8 and 4 a 9 and 3 or even better.”

Why is enthusiasm down considering all the recent penalties enforced by the NCAA against Ole Miss are finished? It comes down to the lack of faith in Luke, according to Bounds.

“They are not buying Matt Luke as the guy to… they have got to start back somewhere, Paul, so they go to the Independence Bowl or the Music City Bowl or the Belk Bowl and I don’t believe 90 percent of their fan base thinks he can lead them there,” Bounds said. “He went from offensive line coach to head coach because of everything that went on off the field.

“I’m in Jackson, here we are with 500,00 people and it’s loaded with State and Ole Miss people here and I don’t run across anybody that’s excited or believes that Matt Luke is going to take them back to a Gator Bowl or Music City Bowl or even a Belk Bowl level, much less higher than that.”

Well, as often happens with Finebaum guests, word got out and Ole Miss AD Ross Bjork doesn’t seem to agree with the take from Bounds.

Check out Bjork’s response on Twitter to Finebaum’s tweet, regarding the guest appearance by Bounds: