The Pac-12 conference released an official statement on the controversial ending of the Ole Miss-California game Saturday. The statement said the officials ruled it correctly.

The Bears beat the Rebels 28-20 in Oxford, but how the game ended is what everyone’s talking about.

Ole Miss quarterback John Rhys Plumlee completed a pass to receiver Elijah Moore right at the goal line. Moore’s feet were in the end zone; however, the officials ruled the ball did not break the goal line. Therefore, the ball was downed at the one-yard-line and the clock kept running. The very next play Plumlee’s quarterback sneak was stopped short, and the game ended.

In the Pac-12’s statement released late Sunday night, it said it would have supported instant replay of Moore’s catch. The official, however, ruled the ball short. The Pac-12 said the officials ruled correctly on the Moore reception and the quarterback sneak because “there was no irrefutable video evidence to reverse those calls by replay.”

Regardless of what the Pac-12 ruled, that play at least has to be reviewed. Pac-12 officiating says that an angle of Moore’s catch was viewed by replay officials before the final play, and they were able to determine “that there was no irrefutable video evidence that there was a touchdown.” That happened in a matter of seconds before the quarterback sneak.

Here’s a replay of Moore’s catch: