The Auburn Tigers and head coach Gus Malzahn will face a familiar foe in Saturday’s matchup with Ole Miss.

The Rebels defensive coordinator is Wesley McGriff who was a member of Malzahn’s staff last season. McGriff served as a co-defensive coordinator and secondary coach for the Tigers and helped improve the defense’s performance across the board.

Malzahn and offensive coordinator Chip Lindsey must now deal with a defensive coach who has first-hand experience with the Tigers and their offense. Ben Garrett with reports McGriff does believe his familiarity with Auburn will help him prepare for this weekend:

“Without question,” said McGriff. “I was just looking at the offensive personnel…It helps me to be very familiar with those guys, knowing their skill-set and knowing their mindset. That should serve as an advantage game-planning. But it’s not going to be much game-planning this week. We’re going to reduce the package, let them line up and play, give them each player’s personality on Auburn’s offense…it’s going to give us an advantage because we know the players on their roster.”

Kickoff is set for 12 pm EST on the SEC Network.