Once the news came out in a team meeting with Ole Miss players that Matt Luke was fired as head coach of the Rebels, it didn’t sit well with a group of them, including Jerrion Ealy and Tariqious Tisdale.

Athletics Director Keith Carter addressed the team on Sunday night in the Manning Center and opened it for questions, but shortly after the meeting started, a large group of players abruptly left the room, signaling their disapproval of the decision, the Daily Mississippian reported. Luke was on the road recruiting on Sunday afternoon when the news broke, reportedly at a recruit’s house, and got back to Oxford immediately, according to the players.

“Disappointed, lost really,” junior offensive lineman Chandler Tuitt said after walking out of the meeting. “Y’all made the decisions without even telling us, first of all. So, like, we’re just all lost. Half the team is talking about leaving if Luke leaves. If you clean house again, I don’t think anyone’s going to stay. You’ve got new recruits coming in next week and won’t have a head coach.”

The Rebels finished 4-8 after a 21-20 loss to Mississippi State in a game that will be remembered for WR Elijah Moore’s unsportsmanlike conduct penalty before kicker Luke Logan missed the game-tying extra point in the final seconds. Moore crawled to the back of the end zone after he caught a touchdown pass and raised his leg like a dog peeing. That penalty pushed the extra-point attempt back 15 yards.

Luke went 15-21 in his three seasons as head coach with an SEC record of 6-18, and finished sixth in the SEC West in all three years.