Ole Miss coach Lane Kiffin didn’t do anything wrong in the mind of ESPN analyst Paul Finebaum.

In the aftermath of the controversial non-replay of the Auburn loss, Ole Miss should have been given a better explanation, and certainly not a fine, Finebaum said. Finebaum pointed out that this is the third or fourth time SEC officiating has left something to be desired, or flat missed a call, this season.

“Had they reviewed it according to what Lane said, Ole Miss would have gotten a touchdown,” Finebaum said during a recent appearance on Keyshawn, Jay and Zubin. “It wouldn’t have guaranteed them a win, but probably would have. It’s really too bad.”

Across the board, Finebaum said the leagues across the country should admit to making a mistake.

“The NFL has been pretty good about that, other leagues have been pretty good about that,” he said. “Just tell the people you got it wrong, that way the next time it comes up you’ll have more credibility. For whatever reason, all leagues just want to hide behind these cryptic announcements, and they still fine the guy. Lane Kiffin was telling the truth. He wasn’t making anything up. … The wrong message is sent here. If you’re wrong, what’s wrong with speaking out.”