Ole Miss finally released the NCAA’s notice of allegations the Friday before Memorial Day weekend, which did not allow Paul Finebaum’s show the opportunity to discuss the news before the week was up.

In case you were wondering what the radio host had to say, Finebaum gave his initial thoughts during a SportCenter video that can be found here.

Finebaum didn’t think the self-imposed sanctions the school recommended for itself would be too damaging to the football program but does believe head coach Hugh Freeze has taken a major hit in the court of public opinion.

“This is a severe hit to Hugh Freeze’s reputation,” Finebaum said. “Freeze had a very good reputation after that great (2013 recruiting) class that included Tunsil and Nkemdiche and Treadwell, all guys that went in the first round. People made accusations, Hugh Freeze looked at people and said, ‘Hey, if you got something on me bring it on.’ Well apparently he is not faring well from that. I think he will remain as the head coach but I think his reputation has taken a major hit.”

Finebaum also noted the school originally attempted to place the blame on Freeze’s predecessor Houston Nutt’s feet, something that didn’t sit right with him.

“(Ole Miss) tried to spin this story a couple months ago, ‘No big deal, most of these allegations came before Hugh Freeze.’ Well that’s not the truth at all. A lot, if not most, of these allegations in football come under his watch.”

Considering the NCAA is far from finished with Ole Miss in the aftermath of the drama that was Laremy Tunsil’s infamous draft night, this story is far from over in Oxford. That being said, if Finebaum’s opinion is accurate, Freeze may find it tougher than ever to receive benefit of the doubt on the recruiting trail moving forward.