It’s easy to assume the misdial heard round the world cost Hugh Freeze his job at Ole Miss. That one-minute phone call to an escort service would ultimately lead to the administration at the school announcing Freeze had stepped down from his position after discovering a “pattern of conduct” from the football coach.

Many assume that terminology suggests numerous phone calls must have been discovered, which led to the end of the Freeze era in Oxford. SEC Network host Paul Finebaum isn’t so sure about that logic.

During his weekly Monday morning radio spot with WJOX 94.5 FM show The Opening Drive, Finebaum shared his thoughts on why Freeze is no longer the coach for Ole Miss. While discussing the lack of transparency many college football programs are provided to the media this offseason, Finebaum suggested there is more to the story in Oxford.

“I really don’t believe, not to get off your subject, that the firing of Hugh Freeze had very much to do with one misdialed phone call to an escort service,” Finebaum said on the air. “I have my own theory on why he was fired, but that’s the story most people are disseminating — he got fired because of an escort service. But if you had the whole truth, it had less to do with that and more to do with something else.”

When asked to clarify his statement, Finebaum took a cautious approach.

“I think it’s along those trails, it’s under that category I should say — misconduct. But let me say this and I’ll probably not say very much else: I don’t think it’s as much to do with escort services as something else. Let me put it that way,” Finebaum answered.

Considering Freeze walked away from approximately $16 million owed to him by Ole Miss, there’s little doubt that the former coach had run afoul of the perception he tried to paint himself as over the years. What exactly that entails remains a mystery, for now.