Lane Kiffin has made a lot of headlines over the last few days for his tweets and retweets.

The Ole Miss head coach was fined $25,000 for his retweet of a fan’s criticism of how the SEC officials handled the ending of the Auburn-Ole Miss game. Then came Kiffin’s reactions to the fine and talk of paying it in pennies. As one would expect, these were popular topics on the weekly SEC coaches media teleconference.

“Yeah, I was very surprised,” Kiffin said of the fine. “It was not for that it was for the retweet, you know, we’re a fan said something about officials, I retweeted it. I did not think that was finable. I think one thing if I tweeted something and wrote stuff on it. So I was surprised when the commissioner called and told me that.

“It was after I’d already spoken to the media, and thought I handled a very frustrating situation… you know where you’re getting told by them in one minute by, you know, the league all right, this is what happened. You know, they’re apologetic for it but yet you guys don’t get that explanation, the fans don’t. our players don’t. so that’s very frustrating for me.”

As for the tweets and retweets about paying the fine in pennies, Kiffin was like an MLB manager who has already been tossed – looking to get his money’s worth out of the punishment.

“I did say to (commissioner Greg Sankey) when he said he was fining me, I said, ‘Well that’s not real exciting, I didn’t even get to say anything or make a joke.’ So, I just got fined for a retweet that’s not really worth it. So, someone sent me the penny thing, I thought was kind of funny. Maybe that makes it makes the fine more worth it, I guess if it makes some people out there laugh.”

Kiffin’s squad plays at Vanderbilt on Saturday. Hopefully the SEC does not come for his son’s college fund again after the game.