Ole Miss has undergone a bit of a brand identity crisis over the past decade, as its Confederate undertones have been replaced by imagery never before seen by the fanbase. This has been met with mixed emotions, as worlds of old and new collided, but a neutral observer could at least respect Ole Miss for trying out some fresh ideas.

The latest in this trend appears to be a script M, which has appeared in a tweet by clothier and self-professed Ole Miss Rebel, The Old Try. Their speculation led to some confusion by the Ole Miss fanbase on if the look was legit.

The Ole Miss community spent the day discussing the new look.

Mississippian Alex McDaniel shared the tweet to a bevy of responses, which were mostly positive.

One bit of speculation from Justin Strawn of For Whom the Cowbell Tolls, who suggested that this could be another attempt by the university to shed those Confederate ties.

Regardless of its intent or legitimacy, this look looks pretty clean and classic for one of the best-dressed football teams in the SEC.