Report: Former Ole Miss assistant calls Hugh Freeze ‘stickler for compliance’

Nov 12, 2016; College Station, TX, USA; Mississippi Rebels head coach Hugh Freeze during the game against the Texas A&M Aggies at Kyle Field. Mandatory Credit: Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Facing multiple allegations of Level 1 violations — the most serious offense in the new NCAA penalty matrix — in the aftermath of the latest notice of allegations from the NCAA, Hugh Freeze and his Ole Miss program head into the spring with a cloud of uncertainty hanging over them.

While Freeze isn’t getting the benefit of the doubt from the majority of fans outside of Oxford, three of his former Ole Miss assistants are struggling to comprehend the notion that Freeze runs a dirty program.

In a recent OM Spirit article written by Chuck Rounsaville, former Ole Miss offensive coordinator Dan Werner, former Ole Miss defensive coordinator Dave Wommack and former Ole Miss linebackers coach Tom Allen, now Indiana’s head coach, all spoke to the character of Freeze and his incredibly high regard for being compliant when it comes to NCAA rules.

All three coaches spoke positively on their experiences with Freeze, however, his former offensive coordinator went a step further. Despite being recently let go by Freeze, Werner adamantly claimed that the Ole Miss head coach was the most compliant coach he had worked for in his coaching career.

“I have worked for 16 head coaches in my career and I ranked them 1-16 on who talked more about doing things the right way, who is encouraging and demanding the staff all the time to make sure they are abiding by NCAA rules, who is the stickler for compliance and who preached to his staff constantly about the importance of compliance, Hugh Freeze is number one. He would say if you break a rule, it would hurt every family in that room and that was not something he was willing to risk.

“I can’t even tell you who number two is,” Werner continued. “Whoever it was, was 100 times less consistent and adamant about compliance than Freeze. No other coach I have worked for has ever come close to talking about doing things the right way as much as Hugh did.”

Strong words from a coach that no longer has to remain loyal to the Ole Miss program or Freeze after being dismissed. Although, it should be noted that none of the aforementioned coaches have been connected to any alleged violations during their time in Oxford.

How would former Ole Miss assistants Chris Kiffin and Barney Farrar have answered similar questions regarding Freeze? While that story hasn’t been told yet, it would be interesting to see if their statements mirrored the other three former Ole Miss coaches.

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  • This is good info. These guys don’t have a reason to cover for Freeze, unless they are guilty of something, and it doesn’t appear they are. This stays interesting.

  • Just stop. Freeze flat out lied to the media/public. Why should we believe he didn’t do the same in front of assistants? He has a long history with OM and knows all too well what goes on. “Plausible denianility” is no longer plausible, and the NCAA knows it. Staying this course will do nothing but ensure the NCAA levies the stiffest penalties they feel are justifiable.

    • Yes, how dare former coordinators from your rival school speak out in defense of their former boss

    • Agree. Unless you are an Ole Miss fan in denial, no one believes Freeze didn’t know about the cheating. These assistants are simply worried they’ll be wrapped up in the scandal and/or their resume and potential jobs with Freeze gets tainted. EVERYONE called this as it was happening. A similar situation happening with kansas, where desperation is pushing them to hire a Louisiana high school coach and (likely) tossing a lot of $$$ to his players and others in the state. Like Ole Miss, they probably think the benefits outweigh the risk of getting in trouble with the NCAA.

  • What has journalism become? SDS is using ole miss spirit as it’s source. Do u expect an objective story from them. That’d b like me telling u my children are perfect…what a crock to even post this article. Freeze has lied so much his nose could b used for a yardstick! How about some objective journalism and start digging into his previous HS job and the allegations of what went on there? I’ve just heard rumors and certainly don’t wanna judge but would sure like some objective journalism so I could know the truth. But if that article was posted on ole miss spirit I’d prolly not bother reading it.

    • I agree. However, these are direct quotes from these previous coaches. And Warner was fired by Freeze so he has every reason to try to hurt Freeze but does the opposite. I am starting to believe that Barney Farrar was doing this stuff on his own.

  • I love it. More lying… Freeze is the biggest hypothetical liar on Earth. You reap what you sow. The hammer is on the down swing.

    Here’s what I wonder…… when the Gus bus crashes again this year with an 8-5 record, will Freeze become the OC in 2018?

    • Biggest hypocritical liar on earth (with a capital E)? Wow! Yes, this is an easy claim to measure…

      • Yeah, I guess spell check got me. * hypocritical. My bad. Enjoy the loss of games, revenue and fun in the Grove for the next 5 years.

        • There’s nasty fans within every fan base. There’s also respectable and decent ones. I know some awesome people that I would break my back for who are State fans. I know for a fact you couldn’t fit in with them. So while we continue to enjoy ourselves in the Grove, you enjoy your lonely little life teeming with hatred and insecurity.

        • Dude, I have 100s of reb friends. Most of them hate MSU as I hate UM. If the shoe was on the other foot, my reb friends would doing what I do behind the screen name. I’m almost positive that 2 rebs that comment on here (not a lot lately though ) are frI ends of mine. If the bunker you bust has sand in it, I probably know too. Btw, only a bigot would hide behind the Col. Reb.

        • I don’t doubt you have friends who are Ole Miss fans. Like I said there’s nasty fans in every fan base. Trashy people tend to gravitate towards each other.

    • Hypothetical liar, eh? You are… God, I can’t even finish my sentence. You are just you. There’s no words to describe your stupidity. What a gem.

      • Hmm..a fan of 6-7, 3-5 team saying another 8-5, 5-3 team crashed and burned…that’s a bit “hypothetical” don’t you think?

        • Not really. Aubarn’s fans think they should go to the playoffs, say once every couple years. The Gus Bus has been swerving for the past 4 years. With every swerve comes a coaching change. I was just wondering if Freeze ends up there after the next ditch. Because he will be out of a job before the season begins.