The hits keep on coming for Hugh Freeze, even after the embattled former Ole Miss coach resigned last month.

The latest report from Sports Illustrated reveals that the ex-Rebels coach used his school-issued cell phone to contact a massage parlor when he was on a recruiting trip in Houston.

The report from writer Andy Staples states that a simple search for the massage parlor’s phone number revealed that it wasn’t what it seemed to be:

“A website found by searching for the phone number features photos of women in lingerie and offers to come to the client between the hours of 6 a.m. and 2 a.m. for $180 an hour. According to the site, the company promises ‘a high level of satisfactory services.'”

This may have been part of the “disturbing pattern” of misbehavior that Ole Miss AD Ross Bjork referred to at the press conference following Freeze’s resignation.

After all, the initial reason he resigned was due to a call made from that same phone to an escort service in Tampa.

Based on this new information, it wouldn’t be shocking for more revelations like these to become public in the near future.