Lane Kiffin is hitting the ground running as Ole Miss’s new head coach.

Over the next several days, Kiffin will have to do a ton of recruiting and also assemble his coaching staff. And, on Sunday morning, it was reported that he started doing the latter.

Per, Kiffin has already hired a strength coach, bringing over his guy from FAU, Wilson Love.

Sources tell FootballScoop Lane Kiffin’s first staff hire at Ole Miss will be Wilson Love, his strength coach at FAU. Kiffin publicly credits Love with much of their success at FAU.

Love was a former Alabama player and has been with Kiffin at FAU for all 3 seasons. Prior to FAU, Love was an assistant strength and conditioning coach at Alabama when Kiffin was the offensive coordinator. Kiffin has commented in the past that he saw Love jumping around at Alabama’s practice and talked to Kirby Smart about him. Love was apparently head-butting defensive linemen during practice, and that initially caught Kiffin’s eye in Tuscaloosa.

The video below summarizes what Love is all about:

Clearly, Kiffin is a big fan.