The latest news in the bizarre offseason for Ole Miss comes from the attorneys of Rebel head coach Hugh Freeze.

The lawsuit between former Ole Miss star offensive lineman Laremy Tunsil and his stepfather Lindsey Miller, stemming from last summer’s altercation, is still ongoing and Freeze is anticipating being called to give a deposition to provide information regarding what he said and what he knew immediately following the incident.

According to the Clarion Ledger and TMZ Sports, Freeze’s attorneys have made several requests regarding their clients involvement in the event that Freeze is asked to give a deposition.

First of all, Freeze does not wish to take the stand and requests all questions to be presented to him in written form, said questions should only pertain to conversations Freeze had with Tunsil regarded the specific event in question and most importantly his involvement must be sealed pending court order.

The reason that last request is so important, Freeze does not want the NCAA to have the ability to view the coach’s statements to use against him or against Ole Miss in either the pending Notice of Allegations the NCAA has issued the school or any new investigation the NCAA may pursue in light of Tunsil’s comments immediately following his draft selection by the Miami Dolphins or the text messages posted to his Instagram page on draft night.

Why is Freeze being dragged into the Tunsil, Miller lawsuit you may ask. Miller’s issue stems from Freeze’s comments that Tunsil was protecting his mother from Miller, something Miller denies to this day, which he calls a “fabrication” in the lawsuit against Tunsil. Freeze’s comments backing Tunsil were picked up by ESPN and broadcast to a nationwide audience, which Miller’s attorneys claim, “caused irreparable damage to Mr. Miller’s reputation” in the lawsuit.

What happens next is anyone’s guess but Ole Miss and the NCAA have yet to reveal the information in the recent Notice of Allegations from the NCAA and the NCAA has yet to publicly react to the draft night fiasco which occurred two weeks ago.