Last week, Ole Miss went to its familiar 3-1 receiver set to execute its decisive touchdown in a 27-19 win over Auburn.

Arkansas no doubt reviewed that tape, and many others like it, that showed the SEC’s top receiver, Laquon Treadwell, isolated on the left, Chad Kelly in the shotgun, strong-armed and dangerous.

The Razorbacks saw Kelly fake a handoff and loft a perfect strike to Treadwell for a 21-yard TD.

Fast-forward to Saturday, when again Ole Miss used the exact same 3-1 receiver look to execute another important red-zone touchdown against Arkansas.

This one came with a twist, however.

Kelly again faked a handoff, but instead of hitting Treadwell in the corner of the end zone, he tucked it up on a designed run against a disguised Cover 1 defense clearly expecting a pass.

Kelly made a great run and had a terrific block from tight end Evan Engram, but in the battle of skill vs. scheme, that play call was the very definition of an outstanding scheme.