Through 2 weeks of the season, the Ole Miss Rebels have been really exciting to watch offensively.

That’s because QB Matt Corral has taken the next step toward becoming a star. He currently has 715 passing yards, 7 touchdowns and only 1 interception. He also has 101 rushing yards.

So, who does Corral remind Tim Tebow of? On SportsCenter on Saturday morning, Tebow compared Corral’s game to that of Texas A&M legend Johnny Manziel (via 247Sports):

“Big plays, they’re leading the country,” Tebow said of Corral and the offense. “In two games, they have nine plays over 30 yards. They need to have 13 or 14 after today to get a win against Alabama. This kid’s a baller. He’s underrated. Everybody wanted John Rhys-Plumlee this year, but he has stepped up and scored, scored, scored. Lane Kiffin is dialing up a lot of big-time plays. He’s got poise in the pocket. He’s got deep-field accuracy and he’s got moxie. There’s a ton of Johnny Manziel in this kid. He can make plays. Listen, Johnny Manziel had an amazing upset win against Alabama. Can Matt Corral pull off something like that? If he does, he needs some defensive help.”

As Tebow mentioned, Manziel pulled off a great upset win over Alabama during his time at Texas A&M. To do the same, Corral will have to potentially battle some rough weather on Saturday night.

Kickoff in the Alabama-Ole Miss game is set for 7:30 p.m. Eastern time on ESPN.