Thanksgiving is a time for family, and the NFL’s first game of the day features a family member on each side of the Houston Texans game with the Detroit Lions.

CBS Sports sideline reporter captured the Lions’ CJ Moore and the Texans’ AJ Moore, former Ole Miss players, facing each other for the first time. They tossed the football together before the game.

“It’s amazing man,” A.J. Moore told “It’s a dream come true. Definitely been looking forward to this our whole life ever since we put on shoulder pads and a helmet. It’s finally going to happen.”

They’re both excited about it.

“It feels great, it’s super exciting,” C.J. Moore said in an interview with Texans TV. “It’s something we’ve always dreamed about and to be playing on Thanksgiving Day, big tradition for us here in Detroit against my twin bro, like I said, it’s a blessing and I’m looking forward to it.”

The identical twin brothers are just one of six pairs of twins currently in the NFL.

“I mean, just the national television part, Thanksgiving Day, that just pretty much is the icing on the cake,” A.J. Moore said. “It really doesn’t get any better than that. Just for us to go out there and do something that we love and to be able to put on for our family, our town, for ourselves, it just means the world to us.”