Lane Kiffin has Kentucky’s number in Lexington, especially in overtime. His last win as Tennessee’s head coach came on Nov. 28, 2009, when the Volunteers defeated the Wildcats 30-24 in overtime. Saturday, Kiffin beat UK in overtime, again as Ole Miss won 42-41.

After his first win as the head coach of the Rebels, Kiffin spoke to reporters discussing his team’s come-from-behind effort as well as various individual performances. Here are the highlights of what he had to say, per The Rebel Walk:

  • On late stops by the defense: “We did make some stops. We obviously have to play better than that. We made some stops in the second half that gave us a chance to win.”
  • On how to win in the SEC: “In this conference, I don’t think you can be finesse and win a lot. You’ve got to be physical.”
  • On Jonathan Mingo: “He stepped up. 128 yards and a couple of TDs.”
  • More on Mingo, being physical: “It’s a great attitude. I wish we’d have that attitude all over. He made the most of his plays today.”
  • On the offense: “Obviously you want to run the ball well but you go with what they give you. This is a Cover 3 team. They force you to throw the ball. 24-of-29 is pretty effective at that.”
  • On playing from behind: “They’ve done a good job. I feel like they actually played better from behind. It was good. We screwed up the speed option down at the goal line. I thought that was maybe going to haunt us. We should’ve walked in there. Really good to fight back from that.”
  • On defending against Kentucky’s 408 rushing yards: “The way they were running the ball, you’ve got to make them drive the length of the field.”
  • On Matt Corral: “I thought he played better today than last week. Last week guys were open. He had to make a lot of plays against a rush and we weren’t protecting him well. He took a shot in the 4th and went to the locker room and then came back out. He was in there 6-7 min.”