Willie Fritz has had the same preparation since he was a junior college coach, and maintains it to this day.

It doesn’t matter than Tulane is set to play Ole Miss this week. The Green Wave will do what they’ve always done. He said on SiriusXM that he strives every day to go 1-0, and each week go 1-0.

“I’m very consistent in our preparation,” he said. “Week after week, I know it’s probably a boring answer, but I make sure that our guys understand that you’re guaranteed 12 of these opportunities and we want to play the very best we can. Lot of these guys work 355 days of the year on their craft and you want to put everything into it that you possibly can. Want to do that week after week after week.”

It’s a unique game for both programs in terms of rankings. While it’s the 64th meeting in the series, in the latest AP Top 25, for No. 20 Ole Miss and No. 24 Tulane, it will be the first since 1956 where both teams are ranked.

“We’re not doing anything different than we did last week, last season, or the season before that,” he said.