As the world sits down to watch the Super Bowl, we recall the reasons why college football reigns supreme even on the biggest day in NFL…

1. The Passion: You’ve got some passionate NFL fans, sure. But, sorry, NFL fans don’t stand up all game, every game. If you don’t understand this, you really need to get to some SEC games and see what it is like.

2. The Regular Season: College football has an unparalleled regular season. For the most part, if a team loses once or twice, then that team is done for the season. The stakes are big every single week which means upsets are hugely meaningful and losses are devastating. The Patriots go down during week 2 of the NFL season? Meh.

3. The University of the Seattle Seahawks doesn’t exist: There’s just something unique about rooting for a team representing your school. For many of us, we spent four (some of you spent more) years at our school and a piece of us will always live there. Rooting for that team is ingrained into us. This doesn’t happen in the NFL.

4. The family connection: Fathers and sons will root for the same NFL team, but the tradition of family members at the same University can create quite a bond. It’s always fun when you meet a SEC fan and he tells you about his dad, his dad’s dad, and all the family members that share the passion for the same school. The family connection and tradition within a fan base is very real.

5. More innovation at the college level: They say that football innovation goes from Friday nights to Saturdays to Sundays. Coaches take more risks in college, and due to the uneven landscape, there are different styles of football played by different teams and in different regions of the country. The NFL is much more vanilla by comparison.

6. The magical environment and tradition: If you’ve been a big game at Death Valley or watched the Vols run through the “T” before a huge game, it’s just magical. A few times a year, the stakes, the environment, the talent all line up to produce magical environments that don’t exist in the NFL.

7. Because things happen such as when Michigan students wore khakis to Jim Harbaugh’s Michigan introduction: Simply put, Michigan fans went nuts when Harbaugh was hired. 49ers fans will move on to another coach.

8. Because of what happened in the state of Mississippi in 2014. Remember the day that Mississippi (assist to Katy Perry) took over college football last season? Those stories will be told to generations in the state of Mississippi.

9. Because it’s messy and uneven. Screw the corporate-driven parity. The uneven landscape and multiple conferences mean college football is messy. It’s unpredictable. For years, we crammed five good teams into two spots. Now, we cram six good teams into four spots. It’s controversial and exciting.

10. Because nobody chants “NFC South” at football games: “S-E-C. S-E-C. S-E-C.” Yeah, that doesn’t exist in the NFL.

Enjoy the Super Bowl.

Seven months until college football returns.