So this is where we’re at in Year 5 of the Butch Jones offense: Tennessee called a flea-flicker … and its receivers stayed in to block.

And I promised my mom I was going to be nice this week.

That train wreck is just one of the 10 things I’m absolutely overreacting to after Week 8 in and around the SEC.

10. The struggle is real.

Can’t run, can’t pass, can’t score, can’t spell …

9. Can’t even celebrate a rare TD without embarrassing themselves, either.

I’d say act like you’ve been there, but the truth is this was Tennessee’s first touchdown since Sept. 23. Imagine how out of control this undisciplined group will be when it actually leads somebody.

Don’t worry, though. Jones has it all under control.

8. It’s basketball season, so your fans probably don’t even care … but good grief, Kentucky.

Kentucky hasn’t posted a winning season since 1977. No other Power 5 conference team has gone that long. It’s not close, actually, Indiana is next at 1993.

The Wildcats entered Saturday 2-1 in the SEC and facing an up-and-down Mississippi State team. In other words, it was as winnable as any road game the Wildcats might play. Given the stakes, this was the game the Cats had to win.

Forty-five points later, the Wildcats limped out of Starkville 2-2, now needing to win its next three games against Tennessee, Ole Miss and Vanderbilt to get five SEC wins and break that streak. Oh, the Cats close the SEC regular season at Georgia, but we can stop pretending that game will even be close.

7. Do not make Nick Saban angry.

Alabama played like it knew it couldn’t lose. It was right. You could have given Tennessee the ball 10 times inside the Bama 10 and the Vols might have scored 2 touchdowns. (Though I’d take the under all day long.)

But the first half was an inexcusable exercise in day-time sleep-walking, which I didn’t even know was possible until I started watching.

Nick Saban wasn’t having it.

Alabama snapped out of it in the second half. As if the players had a choice …

How intimidating is Saban? Tua Tagovailoa apologized after throwing an interception.

6. Oh, they’re mad, bro.

Funny how one quarterback injury can completely change the arc of, well, everything.

FSU was preseason No. 3 … and still hasn’t won 3 games.

The further the Noles slide, the more critical the season-finale against Florida becomes. I’ve been saying since Week 1 that if Jim McElwain can’t beat these Seminoles without their starting quarterback, he doesn’t deserve to come back.

There is a chance both teams could enter that game needing a win to become bowl eligible.

That’s almost unthinkable.

5. It’s time to start paying serious attention to Notre Dame.

I wrote Saturday morning that the Irish had a better resume than Ohio State and deserved to be No. 6. Then the Irish, who crushed Michigan State in East Lansing, went out and destroyed USC’s Playoff hopes. (The Pac-12’s are gone, too.)

That’s two high-profile poundings over two Power 5 leagues with more opportunities to come, starting next week against a revitalized and ranked N.C. State team.

Me? I’m looking forward to Nov. 11, when the Irish visit Miami. Assuming both keep winning, both will be safely inside the Top 10, perhaps nearing the Top 5. This isn’t a rivalry, per se, but that game certainly will rekindle high-stakes memories of Catholics vs. Convicts.

If Miami wins that, we’re a huge hurdle closer to the dream Miami-Georgia Playoff matchup.

The Playoff committee has never had to account for Notre Dame as a legitimate threat. The Irish spent two weeks at No. 4 in 2015 but fell and finished No. 8.

Can you imagine the uproar if it comes down to 1-loss Notre Dame and a 1-loss B1G champion without a signature non-conference win for the No. 4 seed? (Hello, Penn State or Ohio State or Wisconsin.)

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Oh, Midwest Mayhem, please make it happen.

4. You guys are absolute idiots.

Can we please get through one Saturday without a fight in the stands or tailgate lot?

3. Yawn …

You, too?

Penn State gets its shot next week at Ohio State. Oklahoma sure didn’t have any trouble at the Shoe. Let’s see how the Nittany Lions fare.

2. John Currie, what are you waiting on?

It’s time. It’s past time. Give the Vols credit. They didn’t quit on their coach Saturday. They rallied around a young quarterback. But there’s still not enough there, there.

This is a cruel, bottom-line business, and the bottom line is, forget Alabama, Tennessee has fallen behind four other teams in the SEC East.

1. Hey, Vol Nation, how you doin’?

Ready for a trip down memory Lane? I am.