As crazy a day as was just witnessed, perhaps the term overreacting should be tabled for a week. The unthinkable happened and now the College Football Playoff Committee is saddled with the task of putting it all back together again, by Tuesday. Good luck with that.

Here are 10 things I’m absolutely overreacting to after Week 11 in and around the SEC.

1. Oh, wait … you were serious: Mississippi State fans actually thought they had a chance against Alabama. After out-muscling Texas A&M a week prior, they were practically giddy at the prospect of bullying the top-ranked team in the nation. A career-day later from Tide QB Jalen Hurts proved otherwise. The Tide won by 48 points and hardly broke a sweat.

Maybe Hillary Clinton should have hired Lane Kiffin to run her offense?

2. Thanks a lot Auburn: Your 3-and-out second-half offense was a spectacular failure. Your 32 second-half yards were overshadowed in ineptitude only by the pick-six you gifted Georgia for its only touchdown. You had us all fooled with your six-game win streak.

Luring us into a potential Iron Bowl showdown with all the marbles on the line for a berth into the SEC Championship Game. Now it’s rendered meaningless in the big picture. You could still beat Alabama in that game and nobody would care. They still go to the SECCG and you sit home on Dec. 3. Thanks, Auburn.

3. Leonard Fournette? He’s not even the best back at LSU: Another game where Derrius Guice looks like the best back at LSU right now. A 252-yard, two-touchdown night makes the case. Not sure how much of it Fournette saw; he was “busy” with fan selfies behind the Tigers bench. Nevertheless, it is becoming more and more clear that Guice finds and hits the hole better than Fournette.

Granted he isn’t as fast as Fournette (but pretty close) and doesn’t run with quite the authority in the open field, but Guice is better at finding the open lanes. He averaged 4.0 yards per carry against Alabama while Fournette tip-toed his way to a 2.1 average. Yes, Guice carried only twice, but whose fault was that?

4. Alabama is the only team that wants to win this thing: While the Tide was taking care of business against Mississippi State, the rest of the College Football Playoff Committee’s foursome bit the dust. Uninspired performances from Clemson, Michigan and Washington left no doubt which team is the best in all the land, and which teams wants it more.

You can’t lose to Pitt, Iowa and USC (see what I did there?) and convince me you’re serious about winning a championship.

5. Why can’t we have college football all year? As upsets piled on top of upsets, this thought kept repeating itself in my head. This stuff’s way too good to go without from mid-January to early-September. Instead of banging their heads together to come up with four playoff participants, why can’t the committee devise a plan for college football to be played all year?

Now that’s a committee I could support.

6. Remember when Baylor and Oregon were good? It’s been a swift and painful free fall for these two once-proud programs. At least the Bears are sitting on six wins. They’ve proven beyond doubt they’re still better than Northwestern State, SMU, Rice, Iowa State and Kansas.

The Ducks can’t make the same claim. With just three victories to quack about, they have secured a losing season. But they did show UC-Davis who was boss in the season opener. So, there’s that. Isn’t it interesting how cool and edgy those uniforms looked when they were winning? Not so much anymore.

7. Will someone please back into the SEC East title already? At least it’s been whittled to two teams now. All others not named Florida and Tennessee have been mercifully put out of their respective miseries. Kentucky hung around for a while, hoping beyond hope that the losing would continue all around them, rendering theirs somehow less offensive.

Georgia and South Carolina pretended for a while, but the reality of new beginnings at each program and the inevitable growing pains that follow eventually caught up to both.

Florida will try to lose its way out of it Saturday at LSU while Tennessee continues to fool itself into believing that’s all it needs to claim the prize. And for the icing on the cake: The team that does lose the least and wins the East earns the right to be humiliated by Alabama in the SEC Championship Game.

8. Delayed deja vu in College Station: We all were fooled when Texas A&M broke through for that sixth consecutive victory that late-season collapses were a thing of the past. Well, guess what? They’re not. Especially not when you lose your starting quarterback for the remainder of the season.

The Aggies have now lost three of their past four (stop me if you’ve heard this before) and after blowing a 28-19 lead at home in the final six minutes on Saturday, who knows what the final two games (both at home) of the regular season will bring.

9. Shea Patterson the next Johnny Manziel? Texas A&M might be convinced right about now. Like Superman emerging from the locker room, Patterson ripped off his redshirt and more powerful than a locomotive, he brought the Rebels off the mat for a victory that could have salvaged bowl eligibility.

In his first college game, Patterson threw for 338 yards and two touchdowns, and ran for another 64 yards. That’s how legends are born. Now, we might be going a wee bit overboard, but we like him.

10. Hope the weather is good in Baton Rouge on Saturday: Here’s to hoping the sun shines brightly and the wind velocity keeps to a minimum. Would hate for Thursday to roll around and Florida decides it isn’t going to show up for the game … again. Come rain, shine or high wind this game will get played on Saturday, finally … won’t it?