Better. But still not perfect. And some of you haven’t even obtained a learner’s permit on your extended journey to playing merely decent football.

Here are 10 things I am absolutely overreacting to after Week 2 in the SEC.

1. Tennessee is who I thought they were — really good:

I was off by a point. I’ll do better next time.

Tennessee looked much more like the team I saw in Tampa destroy and toy with Northwestern in the Outback Bowl. Josh Dobbs did just enough to stretch the field. He hit on another 30-yard pass. Dobbs doesn’t need to drop back and throw 10 deep balls a game, but he’ll usually have that opportunity because safeties are far more concerned with stopping the run game. The Vols are the class of the East and will be just fine.

2. Nick Saban is the Angriest Man On Earth … and it’s so unnecessary: His No. 1-ranked team is 2-0, has allowed one touchdown and outscored its first two opponents 90-16. He’s on the sideline screaming at Lane Kiffin as if the Tide is the team that can’t find the end zone.

Maybe he was yelling: “I’m sorry I keep messing up momentum by sticking to this two-quarterback rotation! It’s my fault! I know Jalen Hurts is good. But I need to show these people I’m in charge, so I’m going to keep yelling at you for 35 more seconds! Got that!”

Ever see Tony Dungy do that? You’re coaching Alabama. It’s possible to work hard, be demanding and still enjoy it.

3. Jalen Hurts will break Alabama’s single-season passing record: This year. As a true freshman. Saban messed around last year against Ole Miss and played two QBs. Maybe he learned his lesson. Hurts threw for 287 yards Saturday and had about 100 yards of deep balls dropped. Kiffin knows what he has in Hurts and is taking shots downfield. The number to beat is 3,487, Blake Sims’ total from 2014. Only one other Tide QB has reached 3,000 yards: AJ McCarron threw for 3,063 in 2013.

4. Missouri’s passing offense is in top half of the league: I wrote last week that I liked the direction of Missouri’s passing game, even if the results didn’t match my optimism. You could see dramatic differences in pace and poise from Drew Lock. The execution didn’t quite align with the direction, but that’s normally something reps can solve. Lock won’t throw for 450 and 5 TDs against an SEC team, but the offense is built to throw the ball.

5. Florida will never beat Mark Stoops again … : That’s because Kentucky will finish 3-9, last in the East, and that will be that. And that might be generous. This wasn’t an overreaction:

6. Texas A&M-Alabama will be the best game in the SEC in 2016: I wouldn’t mind if they played each other every weekend from here on out. The Aggies weren’t ranked in the preseason — writers, you have to love them — and only No. 20 last week. If they take out Tennessee — and I think they will — they should be 6-0 and firmly inside the Top 5 when they visit Tuscaloosa on Oct. 22. If anybody can score 30 against this Tide defense, it’s these Aggies.

7. Greyson Lambert is the perfect backup: I noted last week that Lambert’s a pro who wouldn’t pout about the demotion and he’d be there whenever Georgia needed him. Georgia needed him in the fourth quarter Saturday to put away Nicholls State. Lambert saved the game when he converted on a 3rd-and-7 from his own 10. If that pass falls incomplete, Georgia is punting out of its own end zone, and Nicholls State needs a couple of first downs to attempt a game-winning field goal.

Nobody outside of the Georgia coaches’ room will talk about that play tomorrow, but it was huge.

8. Alabama won’t rush for 2,219 yards: That was Derrick Henry’s total last season. Saban’s first Tide team, in 2007, failed to rush for 2,000 yards. Every one since then has, including two that topped 3,000 yards. This Alabama team’s best playmakers throw and catch the ball. It’s obvious to just about everyone.

I’m not the only one overreacting.

9. Rawleigh Williams’ comeback is the best story in the SEC: Forget football, I was concerned for the young man’s life after the neck injury he suffered last year. Through two games, he’s third in the SEC in rushing? Incredible.

10. LSU QB throws for 100 yards … and solves Tigers’ quarterback issue: Another former Purdue quarterback, a pretty good one, plays just down the road in New Orleans, in case Danny Etling (or Les Miles) ever need any advice.

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