And you thought “winning ugly” referred to Alabama’s time-honored recipe of a punishing ground game and three-and-out defense.

Turns out 100 Division I recruits don’t like the Tide’s uniforms, calling them the ugliest in college football. No idea whether any of the 100 are good enough to actually wear them; they weren’t identified by other than primarily being uncommitted sophomores and juniors in high school.

Keep in mind, this age group thinks “joggers” are fashionable; I know this because my oldest wears them to high school. I think they look ridiculous.

Fowler, of course, paid the price for offending the fashion police, missing the cut at The Masters.

Can’t wait for Oregon to unveil these next fall — if only for the coaches.

Fowler is in good (bad?) company, of course. Thanks to the internet, we can bring you 10 sports uniforms that were far more hideous than the classic crimson the Tide wears.

10. Just about any color combination Virginia Tech can create

Skinny: In fairness, it’s hard to pull off maroon and orange.

Why, yes … it can.

9. Notre Dame … Ducks?

Skinny: Knute Rockne would have fainted.

8. 1977 Marquette basketball

Skinny: Somehow, they won the NCAA Tournament in this.

7. 2016 Michigan State basketball lime green alternate

Skinny: The Spartans beat Maryland, but the real victory was that they promised not to wear these again.

6. NBA jerseys with sleeves

Skinny: Every version looks like a tight-fitting pajama top that is 2 sizes too small.

5. Just about any adidas basketball uniform featuring the “cumberbund”

4. Pittsburgh Steelers throwback uniform

Skinny: “Throwback” being preferable to “prison garb.”

3. 1975-79 Houston Astros

Skinny: Unfortunately their rainbow uniform produced copy cats …

2. Louisville baseball

Skinny: North Carolina, which had a good team with B.J. Surhoff and Walt Weiss, broke out the baby blue version in the mid-80s. Unfortunately, the rainbow reappeared.

1. 1976 Chicago White Sox

Skinny: Shorts? Why not? Oh, and those collars. The White Sox finished 64-97, the worst record in the American League. Now that’s Losing Ugly.

Final thought: If you don’t like Alabama’s uniforms and think they’re too boring, too ugly, add some color by dressing them up with a splash of confetti.

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