On the second day of Christmas, the SEC gave to us:
Verne and Gary Love

If one thing can be said about the 2014 season, it’s that the SDS faithful are not exactly fans of the CBS duo of Gary Danielson and Verne Lundquist.

At times, it seems that Gary and Verne have been passed by, both by football and time. But it’s not like these two broadcasters just happened to start calling games. They are actually both very qualified, or were at one point, to bring football into SEC homes everywhere.

Some people love how the two riff off of each other, while others find the same thing hugely annoying. Some people think that Verne’s histrionics bring excitement to the broadcast, while others think it is over the top. One thing that will not ever get old, is Verne’s patented laugh. Whether something is funny, or decidedly not, that laugh becomes a joke in itself. If you try and tell me that the laugh isn’t the best part about any game Verne and Gary call, well, I think you’re probably wrong.

Regardless, CBS continues to trot Verne and Gary out to fan bases as their premier announcing duo. Has the time come for CBS to move away from the pair? Or is there enough love for them as mainstays that they will remain calling SEC games for years to come? It seems that there are enough people out there to keep Verne and Gary in the booth for a while.

Day One: A Berth in the Playoffs