SEC fans love shopping at Walmart!

Are you surprised?

Based on recent sales data from Walmart in-store purchases, 12 SEC teams are featured in the corporation’s first-ever Top 25 ranking of the most spirited collegiate fan bases.

The SEC has made up 35 percent of Walmart’s season-to-date sales, more than 2.5 times Big 12 sales and 5.5 times total Pac-12 sales, a spokesperson told Saturday Down South.

Alabama leads all team apparel sales, followed by Ohio State, Arkansas, Georgia and Texas. Tennessee and Kentucky are also in the Top 10.

With hundreds of locations in the South and more than 11,000 globally, Walmart’s also the largest grocery retailer in the U.S.

Where else can you buy a gallon of milk, a video game and a Crimson Tide cap?

SEC teams ranked in Walmart’s Top 25 for merchandise

  • Alabama (No. 1)
  • Arkansas (No. 3)
  • Georgia (No. 4)
  • Tennessee (No. 6)
  • Kentucky (No. 7)
  • Florida (No. 11)
  • South Carolina (No. 12)
  • LSU (No. 14)
  • Auburn (No. 15)
  • Mizzou (No. 17)
  • Texas A&M (No. 24)
  • Mississippi State (No. 25)

Ole Miss and Vanderbilt fans need to step it up!

(h/t to @Walmart for the infographic)