Bring up former SEC quarterbacks in the NFL and Cam Newton and Dak Prescott are likely to instantly come to mind for even the most casual of pro football fans. Outside of particular fanbases, many might not have realized that former Tennessee QB Tyler Bray and former Arkansas QB Brandon Allen are in NFL training camps right now.

All in all, there are 13 former quarterbacks who went directly from playing in the SEC to playing in the NFL. If you get liberal with the qualifications, you can add in five more who have connections to SEC schools, but didn’t go SEC-to-NFL directly. Check out both lists:

  1. Brandon Allen (Arkansas) – Los Angeles Rams
  2. Tyler Bray (Tennessee) – Chicago Bears
  3. Joshua Dobbs (Tennessee) – Pittsburgh Steelers
  4. Danny Etling (LSU) – New England Patriots
  5. Chad Kelly (Ole Miss) – Indianapolis Colts
  6. Drew Lock (Missouri) – Denver Broncos
  7. Eli Manning (Ole Miss) – New York Giants
  8. AJ McCarron (Alabama) – Houston Texans
  9. Cam Newton (Auburn) – Carolina Panthers
  10. Dak Prescott (Mississipi State) – Dallas Cowboys
  11. Kyle Shurmur (Vanderbilt) – Kansas City Chiefs
  12. Matthew Stafford (Georgia) – Detroit Lions
  13. Jarrett Stidham (Auburn) – New England Patriots

Other QBs from the 14 SEC schools

There are also some old friends, such as transfers or former QBs that played in a different conference.

  • Jacoby Brissett (Florida, transferred) – Indianapolis Colts
  • Chase Daniel (Missouri, pre-SEC) – Chicago Bears
  • Jeff Driskel (Florida, transferred) – Cincinnati Bengals
  • Blaine Gabbert (Missouri, pre-SEC) – Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  • Ryan Tannehill (Texas A&M, pre-SEC) – Tennesse Titans

It will be interesting to see come September how many of the above QBs are on active rosters and how many are Week 1 starters.