Two college football teams received team-wide unsportsmanlike conduct penalties for dancing – yes, dancing – on Saturday.

ESPN shared the video of what happened between the third and fourth quarters in the Georgia Southern-Coastal Carolina game. ESPN’s article explains that Georgia Southern traditionally plays a “hype” song between the third and fourth quarters. Georgia Southern players usually dance to the song. On Saturday, Coastal Carolina took exception to GSU’s dancing to “Mo Bamba,” resulting in this:

Here’s how ESPN’s Tom VanHaaren describes the penalized dancing incident:

It wasn’t so much a “dance-off” as it was a way for the players to puff their chests out and try to intimidate the other side, but dancing was involved. Although the players stayed nearly 20 yards apart, and there was no fighting, punches or physical contact, the referees threw penalties on both teams.

So much for the “Fun Belt.” Georgia Southern won 30-27 in triple overtime.