This countdown poem is an annual tradition at SDS. Here are the links to the 2014, 2013, 2012, and 2011 versions. We hope it helps you prepare your minds for the season. Enjoy:

‘Twas a month before football, and all through the South,
Rabid fans everywhere were running their mouth.
It’s different this year and I know you’re aware,
Spurrier says “we got some enemies out there.”

The players were lifting instead of going to bed,
With visions of redemption pumping through their head.
After seven straight, we have lost the past two,
Enough of the Buckeyes, their time is through.

The postseason was bad for the conference last year,
We made a few changes, so there’s nothing to fear.
Chavis said Gig’Em and LSU he sued,
Muschamp to Auburn and Jim McElwain debuted.

We have a new commish; Greg Sankey’s his name.
With the college playoff, things are not the same,
In the preseason poll’s top ten we only have three,
They’re disrespecting us, but we’re still the SEC.

It’s time to start practice and return to the top,
No excuses from Nick, expectations won’t drop.
In Panama City, they hit Dak in the face,
Let’s get back to the field and end this disgrace.

We have 31 million reasons to not regress,
The SEC Network’s first year was a success.
At Media Days the coaches wore some cool shoes,
But the times are serious; don’t fall for that ruse.

Brick by brick, it’s coming together this fall,
If you need to rant, feel free to tell “PAWWWWL!”
With Jeremy Johnson, Prescott and Dobbs,
Our quarterbacks are ready to do their jobs.

When it comes to running backs, we have a large stable,
Chubb, Fournette, and Henry could all run the table.
Look at Arkansas, they’re playing Bielema Ball,
Move that big offensive line and give the hog call.

Prepare your minds to drown out Gary and Verne,
To the Championship game will Mizzou return?
Stadium upgrades came to Lexington and College Station,
While Auburn finished a huge scoreboard creation.

View the improvements with aerial coverage from drones,
And listen to Sweet Home Alabama with Butch Jones.
Les Miles doesn’t like red, he says with a smirk,
Fans have more access with the SEC Network.

We all are preparing in our own separate ways,
Fall practice has started and you can count the days.
Meet us at the grove and we’ll party all night,
This is anybody’s year, so hold on tight.

Bring on FOOTBALL, in a few weeks it’ll be here…
“S-E-C! S-E-C!” join us in the cheer!
The competition and fall weekends are what it’s all about,
Here’s wishing every Saturday was a Saturday Down South!