Each week brings new memes to social media, and sometimes the week even brings back some classics. Here are the best memes from around the SEC in Week 13:

Muschamp Hulk

Gators Telling Time MEME

Miles and Malzahn MEME

UF Reward for Criminole Loss MEME

Hates UA Until Need a Coach MEME

Cocktastrophe MEME

Silence of the Limbs MEME

Muschamp Snickers MEME

Miami Best 8-4 Coach MEME

Look Marge UF Fan MEME

Alabama Cashew MEME

Best Receiver in Gainesville MEME

BTTF UT Never Gonna MEME

Tied Up Gator MEME

Verne Gary Tweedles

Facing UA Next MEME

OSU Schedule Recipe MEME

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