One of the most talked-about storylines in the SEC is the difference in strength between the the two divisions. Since Florida won the conference (and BCS Championship) in 2008, three SEC West teams (Alabama, Auburn and LSU) have won the next seven SEC Championship games.

Thomas Goldkamp of decided to tally each division’s winning percentage since the conference went to that model. He shared a chart with the results on Twitter:

Not surprisingly, the dynamic of the conference shifted once Nick Saban started coaching players he recruited at Alabama. The gap was at its widest in 2010, when Auburn won the SEC West and conference championship while Arkansas made it to the Sugar Bowl over Alabama, which played in the Citrus Bowl.

Things tightened up in 2012 when Alabama, Georgia and Florida were all in the BCS Championship race late into the season, but since then, the SEC East has fallen behind the SEC West.