The SEC’s smash-mouth brand of football requires its players to be in peak physical condition.

For that reason, strength and conditioning coaches are of the utmost importance. USA TODAY Sports has compiled a complete list of the 2016 salaries for college football’s strength coaches.

Scott Cochran, Alabama’s enthusiastic strength coach, is the highest-paid in the SEC and No. 2 on the list, earning a salary of $525,000 last season. Next on the list is South Carolina’s Jeff Dillman, who is No. 5 among all strength coaches with a salary of $400,000.

Rounding out the rest of the top ten are Ole Miss’ Paul Jackson and Missouri’s Rohrk Cutchlow, who earned $375,000 and $360,000 last season, respectively.

Here is a full rundown of the SEC’s strength and conditioning coaches’ salaries and spots on the list.

No. 2: Scott Cochran, Alabama ($525,000)

No. 5: Jeff Dillman, South Carolina ($400,000)

No. 7: Paul Jackson, Ole Miss ($375,000)

No. 10: Rohrk Cutchlow, Missouri ($360,000)

No. 12: Ben Herbert, Arkansas ($340,000)

No. 13: Tommy Moffitt, LSU ($330,000)

No. 15: Larry Jackson, Texas A&M ($315,000)

No. 18: Ryan Russell, Auburn ($285,000)

No. 29: Cory Edmond, Kentucky ($240,000)

No. 30: Mike Kent, Florida ($240,000)

No. 51: Ed Ellis, Georgia ($166,000)

No. 59: Nick Savage, Mississippi State ($150,000)

No. 101: Michael Szerszen, Tennessee ($69,340)

No. 119: James Dobson, Vanderbilt (N/A)