Believe it or not, the college football season is only 100 days away.

To celebrate the occasion, ESPN has released some interesting content on Thursday to both honor last season and look ahead to the coming season. Among the topics being discussed over at are the top nonconference games for the coming season. Incredibly, five of the top six selections made by ESPN involve SEC programs.

Who says SEC teams don’t play tough nonconference games?

Here are the games rated by ESPN as some of the best nonconference matchups in 2019 featuring SEC teams

#1 — Notre Dame at Georgia, Sept. 21

#2 — LSU at Texas, Sept. 7

#4 — Texas A&M at Clemson, Sept. 7

#5 — Auburn vs. Oregon (Arlington), Aug. 31

#6 — Miami vs. Florida (Orlando), Aug. 24

In addition to those game listings, ESPN has also created a highlight featuring the best plays of the year in college football. Arkansas fans may want to avoid this one while Texas A&M fans will be pleased to see which play earned top billing here.

ESPN’s list of top 10 plays from the 2018 season: