Will Muschamp is coming back to town this weekend in Gainesville, and it is time to throw a reunion party.

A few weeks ago, the thought of Muschamp’s Gamecocks upsetting the Gators was laughable. Now the Florida fans are nervously laughing. The Gamecocks are on a bit of a run here with new quarterback Jake Bentley, and meanwhile, the Gators are struggling to move the ball. What’s new?

Well, regardless of what happens on the field, we can celebrate the great game of football by tailgating with some tradition southern dishes. What could be better?

It’s time to make the most out of the remaining gamedays this season as we’re already into mid-November.

Here are five southern dishes that we recommended checking out for this weekend’s tailgates:

1. Fried Green Tomatoes

Yes, we’re starting it off right with this traditional southern dish. Show some class, and offer your tailgate guests some killer fried green tomatoes.

Everybody loves finger foods, and you can eat them without even putting down your Bud Light.

2. Southern Cornbread

What’s more southern than cornbread? Maybe college football?

Either way, cornbread is always a hit. Really, it’s a hit for any meal. You can eat it and enjoy at any time of day regardless of location.

3. Chicken Fried Steak Bites with Country Gravy

Oh, yes. More finger foods, please.

Chicken fried steak bites with gravy might clog your arteries, but let’s live a little huh? Worry about your health on other days of the week. Saturdays are for football, cold beer and great food.

4. Southern Macaroni and Cheese

Is there a better side dish than macaroni and cheese? If the south had an official food, this might be it.

5. Homemade Southern Sausage Gravy

The second appearance of gravy on the list, and for good reason. Get a crock pot full of this goodness at your tailgate, and people might miss the football game. Pair it with some biscuits and other items, and you’re good to go.

The gravy is great for those November football games when the air gets chilly.

Of course these aren’t the healthiest options. Who cares? Enjoy your Saturday, and go to the gym on Monday. Enjoy the football this week, and don’t forget that all of these excellent southern tailgate items go great with cold Bud Light.