With fewer than 3 weeks remaining until the kickoff of the 2018 season, I took an in-depth look at some of the hard hitting questions I’m most curious about this college football season. OK, maybe “hard hitting” isn’t the best description. I am a comedian, after all. Regardless, this is what is on my mind as we race toward Week 1 ….

1. Will Bama and Clemson meet in the Playoff again?

2. Will the SEC get 2 teams into the Playoff again?

3. Heck, will the SEC (finally) get 4 teams in the Playoffs this year?

4. Who will start at QB for Alabama?

5. Who will start at kicker for Alabama?

6. Will Nick Saban ask the NCAA to ban kickers all together since it’s “bad for the game of football” — AKA could potentially cost him a victory and/or tarnish his legacy?

7. How many more injuries will Jake Fromm have until everyone realizes that God wants Justin Fields to be the starting QB?

8. Will this be the year that one of Saban’s former assistants finally beats him?

9. Will Drew Lock throw 50 TDs?

10. Does new OC Derek Dooley make Mizzou a threat in the East?

11. Will anyone continue reading the rest of this list after that question?

12. How many points will Ole Miss & Texas Tech combine for in the season-opener?

13. Which SEC coach will be fired first?

14. Follow up question, where does Ed Orgeron end up after said firing?

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15. What SEC team will make the biggest impact on the national landscape in Week 1?

16. Will Kevin Sumlin turn Khalil Tate into Johnny Manziel 2.0 at Arizona?

17. Will an SEC player be invited to New York as a Heisman finalist?

18. Will Stanford’s Bryce Love or Wisconsin’s Jonathan Taylor really win the Heisman as a RB?

19. Will SEC fans wonder why the middle brother from “Home Improvement” was even nominated for the Heisman?

20. Will Larry Fedora lose a game this season for any of the following reasons: the Earth is flat, Russian collusion, the illuminati or his quarterback sold all of his cleats?

21. Who will win every QB competition across the SEC?

22. Will Saban refuse to play Tua or Jalen to punish media members for asking about it?

23. Will Florida even use a quarterback at this point?

24. Will Jimbo Fisher make A&M a contender in the SEC West?

25. Will Joe Burrow make LSU a contender in the SEC West?

26. Will this be the Big Ten transfer QB that finally gets LSU over the hump, or will Shea Patterson transfer to Baton Rouge next year?

27. Will Miss State HC Joe Moorhead be recognized by fans in the SEC West?

28. Is Urban Meyer actually going to get chest pains now?

29. We know who will replace Allie LaForce on CBS, but who will replace Allie LaForce in my heart?

Allie LaForce

30. If and when a Florida player gets arrested will it be with a Glock or a Crock Pot?

31. Will sports betting have an impact on college football?

32. Will sports betting have an impact on my employment?

33. Will Mississippi State have the best D-Line of the country out of everyone not named Clemson?

34. Will Deebo Samuel be the best SEC return man since the Honey Badger?

35. Will Jake Bentley turn the corner as a passer?

36. Can South Carolina turn the corner as a team?

37. Can Kentucky or Mizzou even get to the corner?

38. Will Benny Snell be a first-team All-SEC RB at the end of the season?

39. Will Auburn contend for the SEC title again this year, or will they be the best 9-3 team in the history of football because of that schedule?

40. Will the Tigers get a rematch vs. UCF and not tarnish the conference’s name like last offseason?

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41. Who will have the biggest upset in the SEC this year?

42. Will Big Ten teams even play at Iowa or just forfeit to avoid the inevitable embarrassing upset?

43. Will Lane Kiffin upset Oklahoma in Week 1?

44. Will Lane Kiffin give Nick Saban an aneurysm in Week 2?

45. Will Danny Kanell be fired by Week 3?

46. Will Saban finally beat a 9-win Auburn team?

47. Will Mississippi State live up to its preseason hype?

48. Will Vandy upset Notre Dame in South Bend and turn Brian Kelly’s face into a weird Hellboy caricature like every other time he gets mad?

49. Will the NCAA ever start paying players?

50. Will the SEC ever stop paying players?