There are people who have followed their favorite team to every stadium in the Southeastern Conference.

But there probably aren’t too many that have visited them all in less than two weeks. And certainly not in July.

First-time filmmakers Clint Switzer and Noah Gronniger set out from Kansas City on July 1 and in the next nine days traveled nearly 4,000 miles visiting each SEC stadium.

The filmmakers, with director Seth Switzer, recorded the visits, along with interviews with fans and school officials — and a healthy sampling of each town’s nightlife — for an upcoming documentary, “Stadium Crashers.”

“There is nothing like SEC football, we really wanted to go on the road and explore the stadiums and culture of the greatest sports conference in college athletics and document our journey along the way,” Switzer said.

The timing of that journey was also carefully chosen.

“We wanted to make this trip during the offseason, when the stadiums were empty so we could tell our own story. Standing on the fields of each stadium, you could really feel the history and pageantry that is so rich in the SEC,” Gronniger said.

Some fans will have to wait to see how the visit to their stadium turned out, but the stars of “Stadium Crashers” shared a few high (and low) notes with us:

Favorite Stadium

Switzer — “Texas A&M. Even though it was under construction, it is just so massive it looks like it could have been built by the hand of God himself.”

Gronniger — “Florida. From the row of palm trees that guide you into the stadium, to the colorful interior and iconic phrases that are etched inside, The Swamp set itself apart, although the blistering heat was agonizing!”

Best Story/Experience

Gronniger — “Meeting Georgia super fan David Hughes, who sat down with us for an extensive interview about his love for Georgia football. After the interview he invited us back to his condo which was adorned in nothing but Bulldogs memorabilia. From the Georgia carpet leading up to his door to his stunning view of the stadium from his bedroom window, it was eye-opening and showed us just how wonderful the fans in the SEC truly are.”

Switzer — “Playing catch on the field at Neyland Stadium. It was a surreal experience throwing the football back and forth in an empty 102,000 seat stadium seeing names like Reggie White and Peyton Manning etched on the side of the stadium.”

Worst Stadium

Switzer — “Vanderbilt. As great of a school as Vanderbilt is, the stadium really falls short compared to the rest of the SEC.”

For more on the project, visit the documentary’s official website.